About X-FlightServer.net

1. What is X-FlightServer.net?

X-FlightServer.net is an online network for flightsim pilots using X-Plane, FSX or P3D.

2. Is X-FlightServer.net a brand new network?

No, X-FlightServer.net was founded in 2004 by a few flightsim nerds. Since 2005, X-Plane.org is using our server for their weekly flyinns. Several other groups are using our server almost daily.

3. Are they any ratings or tests necessary to use our service

No, X-FlightServer.net can be used by everyone, without any ratings or tests

4. Do I have to use my realname, to signup?

We prefer, when you signup with your realname. If your profession or something else should require that you have to use a pseudonym, no problem.

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