Connections with MSFS 2020 are possible now

Since the new version of Swift, you may connect with the new MSFS to our server:



Server Movement today at 12:00 CET

Today we will switch to the new server. You can find the IP in our forum. The server will not be available for about 1h. has a forum now!

After careful consideration, I decided to install a forum again.

It's online, just take a look in the member menue!


TS3 Server

As promised, we have installed a TS3 Server.
Password: Look at your "edit your accout" page and choose "resend my memberdetails"


Update script reactivated

Ok, the bug is fixed.
Now we have 229 active members instead of 157 :-)

Now we will delete the really inactive older accounts (new members of the last months are not affected).

Should a new member be affected, just signup again.
Just for information: We've had about 4200 members who subscribed, but never used our server.




Active Members: 310
Pilots Online: 4
Total Flights: 7491

Flights today: 5

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